Sleep Tight Nashville
Celebrate Reading. Celebrate Nashville!


Sleep Tight Nashville follows Banjo the mischievous pup on his scrapbook of adventures discovering the “Music City.”  Throughout much of the story, Banjo is experiencing Nashville just as most kids do: belly-flopping at Nashville Shores, watching a homerun at the baseball stadium, and eating HUGE stacks of pancakes at Pancake Pantry. And those are the things we remember growing up as mother and son. 

But Sleep Tight Nashville is also more than just a children's book.  It is an homage to the city of Nashville, a place where neighbors still wave and visitors are greeted with a friendly smile.  The whimsical canvas of a children's book colors this city and brings it to life the way we've always pictured it.  That's why we decided to write this book.


We hope that no matter your age or where you come from, you'll find something in Sleep Tight Nashville that tickles your senses. Thanks for sharing in this dream with us and, as the book says, Y'ALL COME BACK NOW YA HEAR!


All the Best,

Dave and Debbie






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